Turn off the lights

Source: geology.com/

Source: geology.com

Street lamps and office lights don’t only obstruct our view of the Milky Way but also have disastrous effects on the environment. Read more 


Photography Whistler: Mairo Ferreira

Photo: whistletimeproductions.com

“When I take a picture, that picture is everything I want to say. It’s what I am. It’s my self, it’s not a picture, it’s me. It’s my perspective of the world. You have to be confident of how you show the world to people. Even if you take a picture of a single objet, it matters. I’m not good with words, that’s why I take pictures.” –Mairo Ferreira Read more 

Zimbabwe Elections

AmnestyHuman rights defenders are concerned as Zimbabwe’s 2013 elections approach. Tom Davies, a campaigner, says Amnesty International is taking action to prevent a similar violent scene like the one in 2008 from happening again. Read more 

The ravens at the Tower of London

Ravenmaster Chris Skaife and Merlina

Photo: Ariana Perez

Legend has it that the presence of the six resident ravens at the Tower of London is critical, otherwise, “the kingdom shall fall.” But few are the ones that see beyond superstition and glimpse the fascinating relationships that flourish between the birds and the Ravenmaster. Read more 

From Instruments to Voices

LSOThe National Plan for Music Education (NPME) was published by the English government back in 2012 to promote education through music. The London Symphony Orchestra (LSO) St. Luke’s, known as one of the world’s leading orchestras, has supported this idea with a first time ‘Singing Day.’ Who participated? Read more