Disability in the TV industry: is there a balanced representation?

Statistics show that the representation of disabled people in the TV industry remains stagnant since 2008 despite the government introducing The Equality Act 2010. Several major media organisations, including Channel 4 and BBC, are implementing new schemes to open doors and change this. But will these be enough to reach a more balanced environment, both in the workplace and on-screen? I spoke to experts and Zubee, an aspiring disabled journalist, to investigate more.



An Interview with The Square Newspaper

“We will only report facts – there have been opinions expressed that we are editorialising, but we simply report what happens. We’re extremely balanced.” – Scott Campbell, Editor of The Square

My colleague Aik and I speak to the editor and deputy editor The Square Newspaper. Watch the video to learn what they had to say. 

Doing the British 10K London Run

I’ve always wanted to take part in a charity run. And at last, after a month of training and hard work, I ran the British 10k London Run this summer! Another thing I have checked off my bucket list – feels great! Special thanks to Aik for chasing me around the city to shoot this video. 


Save Our Hospital: Charing Cross Hospital

A group of local residents from Hammersmith have been campaigning against the closure of the Hammersmith and Charing Cross Hospital A&E services for months. Aik and I spoke to them and to learn more about the issue.  


How does London express their happiness?

My colleague Aik and I wanted to know how Londoners express their happiness. So we took to the streets and asked people to show us their best moves. Special thanks to Aik for editing the fabulous compilation! And thank you again to everyone who participated, it was a blast! 


What Would You Change About London?

London is one of the most beautiful cities in the world. The culture, the environment, the city itself. But, nothing in this world is perfect. My colleague Aik and I went around the city and asked Londoners if they could change something about it, what would it be?